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Stellar S16 Touring Kayak Gen 2 From $4,245


The Stellar 16′(S16) Touring Kayak was an instant classic, in launching the second generation(S16 G2), we built off the success of the initial design and its decade in the market. We’ve added a bit of waterline beam for some additional stability and the bow was made more plumb to increase the waterline length for better efficiency and tracking. The foredeck was redesigned to include a little more height to allow for paddlers with larger feet. We also made the cutaways deeper to allow for a tighter and more efficient stroke. The cockpit rim was lowered along with the seat position which we moved to the bow allowing for easier back deck rolling. Rounding out the updates, we added a 3rd hatch on the fore deck for your phone, VHF radio or snacks.

Painted Deck Stripe $100 extra

Length: 16’3″/ 4.95m
Beam: 22.13″ / 56.2 cm
Depth: 12.72″ / 32.3 cm
Paddler: 5′ – 6’6″ / 1.5m-1.9m
Capacity: 320 lbs / 145 kg
Cockpit W: 17.32″ / 44cm
Cockpit L: 33.46″ / 85cm
Bow Storage: 18.5 Gal
Stern Storage: 27.7 Gal
Construction Options and Pricing
Excel- Kevlar Fibreglass with Honeycomb core- 16kg  $4,645
Advantage- Fibreglass Soric Core- 17kg  $4,245
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