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Stellar S12 Touring Kayak From $3,445


The Stellar 12′ (S12) Recreational Kayak is a great transitional boat. Great primary stability and tracking with efficient hull lines provide confidence and performance to those who paddle it. The over sized cockpit opening make it easy to enter or exit the boat. Water tight bow and stern storage compartments have ample storage for day tripping or overnight tours.
Length: 12’/ 3.67 m
Beam: 25.6″/ 65 cm
Depth: 13.6″ / 34.6 cm
Paddler: 5′ – 6′ 6″/ 1.5-2m
Capacity: 300 lbs / 135kg
Cockpit W: 18.7″
Cockpit L: 35.4″
Bow Storage: 9.8 Gal
Stern Storage: 26.4 Gal
Constructions and Pricing
Excel – Kevlar Fibreglass Nomex Honeycomb core 14kg  $3745
Advantage – Fibreglass Soric Core 15.2kg  $3445
Painted Deck Stripe $100 extra


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