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Galasport Seawolf Touring Club Carbon 2pc Adjustable Paddle

$430.00 inc GST

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The Sea wolf is a blade developed specially for ocean paddling and general touring. Its optimal flex and light weight allows for prolonged paddling. Every single kilometer will be fun – most overlook the importance of your paddle – its where all your power and control is transfered.
This shape of paddle has utilised the dihedral design for optimised stability and a smooth stroke.

  • Blade Effecitive Dimensions 460mm x 180mm
  • Total Blade surface area 577 sqcm
  • Club Carbon – Clear Carbon Finish. The club Carbon is a Blend of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass and Kevlar with a greater propertion of Carbon Fiber making it lighter and more rigid – a significant step up in performance for a small increase in cost – this is the Value pick for me. Built on a Carbon Blend Shaft for greater rigidity and power tranfer.

  • A 2 piece Adjustable shaft Joiner is the best type of joiner available – again no plastic rubbish like some use this is a machined alloy clamping system which offers you to extend the length of the paddle by upto 10cm or as little as 1mm the angle can then be set to any angle. Adjustable shafts are ideal for people who are unsure what length to use, it allows you to test a variety of lengths and offsets to see what works best for you.
  • Adjustable shaft options are built as 210 – 220cm as standard but you can also select custom built.
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