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The Carbonology Sport SS1 Boost X LV(Low Volume) was introduced in 2018 to cater for smaller framed guys or gals of beginner to intermediate standard.

Its big brother the Carbonology Sport SS1 Boost has been very popular in giving beginners a little more speed due to its length and intermediate paddlers more stability in the bump.

The Boost LV has been developed to give all this to the smaller framed paddler.

Offering great run-riding capabilities, speed and handling, all without compromising its stability, it’s no wonder this ski is enjoyed by many paddlers around the world. Perfectly
suitable for anyone wanting to bridge the gap between entry and intermediate level.

Carbonology Sport have made the following changes to their already popular SS1 Boost model on the New SS1 Boost LV.

Reduced volume from nose to tail

Reduced hump in front of the seat

Shortened cockpit

Reduced bucket width

Features – STD Setup:

Boat Dimensions:

Boat Length: 5.95m

Boat Width: 50cm

Boat Height: 33cm

Seat Width: 41cm

Seat Depth: 17cm

Weight Class:  40 – 80kg

Stability: 4/5

Construction, Weight & Pricing:
Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 14.5kg $3,300
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12.5kg $3,900
Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum: 11.5kg $4,500
Carbon/Honeycomb Deck: 10.5kg $5,100
Carbon Full Honeycomb: 9.5kg $5,700
Clear Carbon Full Honeycomb: POA
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