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QuickBlade V Drive 111 Hybrid Double Bend

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This paddle concept was created and shaped by legendary Waterman Dave Kalama.

Its design features a unique scooped V section that’s edges create a double dihedral for enhanced stability during the power application. The results offer a very stable yet effective power phase with an effortless exit.

Coming off the success of the V Drive for SUP – Dave Kalama and Jim Terrell went to work on taking the unique design and refined it for Outrigger paddling. For over a year they worked on getting this paddle perfect and with the V Drive 111 have created a unique paddle for all levels of Outrigger paddlers. Featuring a wood shaft of Poplar Cedar sandwich construction, Carbon blade and handle, these paddles provide tremendous force in the catch phase of the stroke, delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight strong construction.


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47", 48", 49", 50", 51", 52"

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