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Quickblade Ono Ava 105

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In the words of QB founder Jim Terrell:⁣
“Inspired by the success of the UV series in the SUP world, Dave Kalama and I went back in to the workshop and attempted to create a similarly-powerful paddle for the outrigger community.⁣
“We’ve been doing R&D for the past 12 months trying to get this design just right. The result is the new “ONO AVA”  a unique and powerful new tool for all levels of outrigger paddlers.⁣
“The standard Ono Ava features a double-bend, laminated wood shaft built from poplar cedar fused with a full-carbon ‘Hex Tech’ blade and handle. We’ve also got an all-carbon premium edition (featuring a carbon shaft instead of wood) for those who prize ultra light weight.⁣
“Just like with the UV, the Ono Ava is designed to give you more power with a smaller blade size. We believe these paddles provide tremendous force in the “catch” phase of the stroke that, combined with the strong and lightweight construction, will give you a faster and more efficient OC technique.⁣”
Double bend oval tapered laminated wood shaft
All carbon Hex Tech TM blade construction
Scooped power face with double dihedral
Weight: 17 ounces
Blade dimensions 9″ wide by 19″ tall

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