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Quickblade Adjustable Dragon Boat Paddle

$395.00 inc GST

Or 7 Fortnightly instalments of $59.49 withInfo


The QB Dragon Boat paddle is licensed and approved by the IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) and is built to their strict dimensions. We have designed this paddle in an all carbon fiber and epoxy construction with ABS edge technology to give it a superior light weight feel and long term durability. We have designed it to have very minimal displacement for its template size. The dihedral edge is slightly pronounced to give it just enough stability through the stroke yet have a super lively quick exit which is the signature feature in all QB paddle designs. The shaft is 1.15” (29mm) diameter pre-preg carbon fiber with a nice ergonomic eva wrapped palm grip. Adjustable from 46″ to 52″.

Blade Length 18.5″
Blade Width 7″
Weight 17 ounces
Blade Area 106 sq. in
Angle of Blade Straight
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