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Onit Pro Polish and Cleaner

$54.99 inc GST


Give your watercraft some love with one 4oz bottle of Blue Goo Power Cleaner and one 4oz bottle of Xtreme Cream Performance Polymer/Sealer. Environmentally friendly Blue Goo removes the toughest stains, scuff marks and oxidation from any watercraft, while SUPER HYDROPHOBIC PERFORMANCE POLYMER, Xtreme Cream, seals and protects the surface for months! Xc, proprietary polymer is slicker than water, thus creating the fastest surface for your watercraft! CHAMPIONS TRUST! Note: If Xc starts to separate and turns to liquid, shake bottle vigorously to bring it back. If still separated, mix in on the surface with a sponge and it will be good. Contact us for a new fresh bottle if needed. Go Higher Go Faster Go Further Go Longer

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