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Kialoa Kaho’olawe Adjustable Paddle

$275.00 inc GST

Or 7 Fortnightly instalments of $44.07 withInfo



Never again will a paddler be without the right size paddle! Named after the 8th largest Hawaiian island, which was sadly used for bombing practice in WWII, the Kaho’olawe Adjustable Outrigger Paddle was designed for club programs, rental outfitters and developing paddlers. The lightweight Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade and the wrapped fiberglass shaft are bombproof and will last for years. The Adjustable Utili-T™ Grip and LeverLock® system allows for 10 inches of adjustability, (44-54 inches), enough to cover just about any size paddler in a single paddle. Also ideal for helping new paddlers find that perfect size before they  purchase their own paddle or upgrade. Be sure to always rinse the adjustable paddle after each use by removing the entire adjustable sleeve and rinsing with fresh water. Assembled in the USA.

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