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Epic Back Pad

$50.00 inc GST


Our new ergonomic Back Pad for Epic surfskis is made of closed-cell foam and attaches to the seat with a velcro strap. The contoured shape is designed to provide lower back support for paddlers desiring additional comfort while still allowing freedom of movement.

Some surfski paddlers tend to ‘slouch’ in the seat, and the Epic Back Pad acts as an anti-slouch device! The pad is approximately 1″ thick at the top and tapers down. It can also allow our shorter paddlers to better reach the pedals.

Install – Align the top edge of the Back Pad with the highest point of the rear of the cockpit where it is still vertical – just as the seat shape breaks backward for the comfortable ‘lean back’ cutaway.

If you plan to remove the entire pad and velcro at some point, you should try to first attach a strip of pipe wrap tape to the rear of the cockpit first, and then attach the self-adhesive velcro to that.

*Remove pad from the seat when transporting at high speeds.


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