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New Epic V11 Reviewed by Danny Topfer

Dave crook fighting a flu so I took the opportunity to paddle the V11 today. We started with about 18-23 knots of due north wind as the paddle went on the wind increased slightly getting up to 25 knots and shifted to the NE. I could tell right away that I was over its listed capacity of 120kg, I haven’t weighed myself in a long time but if I had to guess I’d say I was closer to the V12’s capacity of 140kg. In saying that though I was surprised at how dry the cockpit was, no real noticeable difference to the 12 even with my weight on it. I should point out that I was running my usual deflector and 2 seat pads as well. I found it even more manoeuvrable than the 12, it handled the shallower sections when the bumps shortened up and got confused with ease!
In summary;
• I think that all paddlers would be surprised with its manoeuvrability and speed considering its 61cm shorter than the 12.
• I think lighter paddlers (regardless of their experience and ability) would also notice the difference in its depth of 2cm compared with the 12, this would contribute to the paddler being more comfortable and in control, not being pushed around with an additional 2cm of depth.
• Another great addition to the Epic fleet!

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