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On the north shore of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai is a small business that provides surf ski paddling experiences for all levels of paddlers from novice to expert called Surfski Kauai.

The ‘Garden Island ‘of Kauai is one of the most picturesque islands boasting mountainous rainforests, the world renowned Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, the Pacific’s version of the Grand Canyon, sandy beaches, warm water and more importantly, favourable wind conditions for downwind paddling.

Surfski Kauai is the brainchild of Dylan Thomas and is based in the surf town of Hanalei. Hanalei is very laid back with no high rise buildings and more land devoted to growing Taro than housing. The surrounding area was also the inspiration for the song Puff the Magic Dragon.

Dylan has a large range of carbon and fibreglass skis available for rent. He offers everything from rentals, private lessons, group lessons, and retreats to downwind runs. Packages are available for 1-6 paddlers and retreats are customised to the paddlers needs.

Downwind runs range from 6k to the 28k Na Pali run from Haena to Polihale. This run passes one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in Hawaii. The area is very popular with tour boat operators due to the scenery and marine wildlife.

Lihue airport on Kauai is a 40 minute flight from Honolulu but it is a vastly different to the normal Wakiki experience.




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