Natural Rythm Composite Paddle (375×500)


$185.00 inc GST

A durable, versatile, Ultra lightweight paddle for all types of paddler in surf of flat water.

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Product Description

The Natural Rhythm Adjustable Carbon Composite Paddle combines state-of-the-art design with user-friendly functionality and performance. This  paddle can be easily adjusted to suit paddlers of varying heights using the dual locking Lever adjusting clasp. This makes it ideal for family or shared use. The feature of this paddle is the Carbon composite shaft. Unlike stiffer paddles that are traditionally used , this shaft has a subtle flex that not only minimizes stress on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, but also promotes smoother side-to-side paddle transitions. A durable, Ultra lightweight paddle, with ABS Blade Edge and blade angle set to be versatile for all types of paddler in surf of flat water.

Product Description

  • Carbon composite 30/70
  • Fibreglass blade
  • Double lever mechanism
  • 8.5” blade
  • 750gm weight